Testimonials No Deposit First Homes


‘Thank you to everyone for helping with our first home, can’t wait to start building.  Craig, Laura and Karen have been fantastic answering our questions through the journey.’

N Nabhani & H Jeewan – Coomera – 1/10/2019


‘I would like to thank No Deposit First Homes for the help with getting into my first home.  I’m a single parent with two children and I didn’t think it was going to be possible to own our own home.  After renting for so long and moving every time an owner wants to sell their property, it was always difficult on myself and children relocating.  I’m grateful for the help and support that I’ve had from the No Deposit First Homes group.  Without their help and support this would not have been possible.

I now feel blessed to be able to give my children a place of their own to call home, an investment for their future.  I highly recommend No Deposit First Homes for anyone looking to purchase their first home.’

P Jewell – Holmview – 25/9/2019


‘We would love to thank everyone for their time and helping us get here.  We cannot wait until our home is finished.’

J Hince & R Chapman – Clinton – 2/09/2019


‘Amazing!  Every single person involved went above and beyond expectations.  We are so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to building a large property portfolio.  Thank you so much!’

C & J Schulz – Pimpama – 1/8/2019


Donna and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the process of helping us into our first home. From the first calls from Fabian and meeting with Craig to the ongoing support from Laura and Ann-Marie we have found our journey to be exciting and memorable.  Donna and I have come to trust the team from No Deposit First Homes without question as the advice and assistance they have provided has proven to be honest and accurate.

Just to add a couple of small high lights that have added value to our experience, Laura’s weekly phone calls clearing up any questions and providing piece of mind and the simple act by Ann- Marie including Donna in on her emails.

Thanks Again’

C & D McPike – Ormeau – 24/7/2019


‘Thank you very much!  We are so happy that everything is finally coming together.  We are very excited about getting our first home!  We thank you and Ronnie for the weekly check in’s to see how we are going, and providing support and information.  It’s a great campaign that has been really easy and simple, and a great opportunity to buy your first home!  The team at Finance Industries Australia have been great as well.  Anne-Marie helps out and provides updates every step along the way.  Thanks’

C & L Brearley – Gladstone – 19/7/2019


‘Thank you so much!

We are so beyond grateful for everything that the teams at No Deposit First Homes and Finance Industries Australia have done for us.  This has been an incredible life changing experience.  Before we found you, owning our own home was nothing but a dream but you made it a reality faster than we ever could.  You have created a one of a kind system that works so well.  We are so grateful you came into our lives and we look forward to working with you again soon.  Thank you so much Craig, Fabian and your wonderful talented teams you changed our lives and made our dream come true.’

C & J Schulz – Pimpama – 16/7/2019


“To the team at No Deposit First Homes, thank you so much for all your help building our dream home.  It was a pleasant process from start to finish and we highly recommend it.  Special mention to Ronnie for all the help we are so grateful for your time and assistance.  Again thank you”

E & J Ararao – Gladstone – 14/6/2019


‘Our experience with No Deposit First Homes was fantastic!  They understood what it was we were looking for and worked extremely hard to find us our first home.  They kept contact with us at every stage and helped us to understand each part of the process.  We can’t recommend them enough!’

P Ramskill and J Batchelor – Gold Coast – 27/5/2019


‘We thought the reality of owning our first home would only ever be a dream.  With the support and guidance from No Deposit First Homes, the dream has finally become a reality.  Craig from No Deposit First Homes worked hard to find a suitable House and Land package within our desired location and budget.  Fabian from Finance Industries Australia happily met with us on a weekend to explain the process and to get the ball rolling.  From the very beginning and continuing now through the construction period, we constantly receive check in phone calls and support from all parties involved who made our dream a reality.  We are forever grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to move in to our new home!’

K and A Alcroft – Gold Coast – 27/5/2019


Buying our first home had been a dream of Kyel and mine for many years, but with myself being a full time University student and only working part time (at a few jobs however), we didn’t think it would happen until at least a couple more years. No Deposit First Homes and Finance Industries have changed that! They have gone above and beyond working with an amazing team to ensure we got into our home sooner. Even when I thought we were just to difficult and it would have been better to wait, Karen and the team assured me we were so close and to not give up hope. We are both excited for the build to start and for us to be moving into our very own home before the year is over!”

S and K Blundell – Gold Coast – 20/5/2019


My wife and I were not sure if we were going to be able to ever buy our own home until we found No Deposit First Homes, they have enabled our dream to come true of owning our own home, the team are all excellent to work with and respond quickly to all emails and questions.  The Finance team also are amazing, very professional and helpful, we are extremely happy we chose No Deposit First Homes.  We would like to thank you all at No Deposit First homes for your time help and support sincerely.”

C and B Crismani – South Australia – 8/12/18


I would like to say from the moment I saw the No Deposit First Homes sign on a block, to the first phone call I made and Ronnie picked up, it has been an absolute pleasure, the late night emails and constant calls I’ve made, I have felt so comfortable and have always had my many questions answered, I could not recommend this company enough, they have made my dream of owning a home so easy, thank you from the bottom of my heart.’

M and T Donovan – Mackay QLD – 18/11/18


“We had come to the point where owning our own home was beyond our reach and we would be eternal renters! I saw No Deposit First Homes on Facebook and made the call. We now have a block of land and are getting ready to build. From the very beginning we have had an amazing experience and the service and support is incredible from the whole team. We are so excited for our future now! Would recommend this to anyone looking to own their own home.”

C & P Delmodes – Toowoomba QLD 2/8/2018


I would like to thank you so much for your help. If it wasn’t for you, No Deposit First Homes, I wouldn’t have made it to securing land, a Builder and importantly my mortgage for my first home. I have tried this process myself before and could not deal with all the questions, request and requirements myself. I gave up two times before, but when I saw your advertisement, I just wanted to try and thought to myself, if it does not work, it will be one of my many attempts.

You responded to me promptly with a call and the assistance you provided then on for the last 9 months was so great. It honesty felt like I actually did nothing in the whole process but only sent signed forms and information to you. You did the talking, answering of questions, negotiating and so on. A person speaking and reading English as the fourth language, I could not have done it anyway on my own. I remember giving up three times but my God, your team did not give up and kept on fighting, negotiating extension of dates to meet my circumstance and we kept on going.

You understood me that I badly needed the house and that understanding kept you fighting for me when I gave up. I enjoyed that understanding and care during the period, and finally I am happy, I will have my first home soon. At the bottom of my heart and on my family’s behalf, I thank you. I will certainly recommend your service to other potential first home owners who not confident like myself, to use your service.

Thank you.

C. Muke – Townsville 18/7/18


Good service, explained everything in easy to understand terms, very helpful and kept us up to date. 

Mr and Mrs White –  Ripley, QUEENSLAND   29/1/17


We are so pleased to be able to build our first home through No Deposit First Homes. Without their help we would have been saving for another few years and paying rent. They’re extremely helpful, and the biggest thing for us was follow up. 

Throughout the entire process everyone involved called us regularly to see how everything was progressing and if we had any further questions. I highly recommend buying your first home through No Deposit First Homes!”

Thanks so much for all your help! 

Melissa and Jason Pocock – Kalbar, QUEENSLAND   22/3/17


Big THANK YOU to No Deposit First Homes! We have been living in Australia for ten years and have always rented properties. At the beginning of this year we decided it is tie to settle down and buy our own house.

We did approach a couple of banks for loans, however they all wanted larger deposits. We saw an advertisement for No Deposit First Homes and to be honest we were very uncertain to begin with. We started to make some enquiries and was amazed on how easy this whole process was.

The whole process with all our paperwork and loan application went really well and had weekly follow up calls from No Deposit First Homes who listened to our concerns and helped us with any concerns we might have had.

Thanks you so much for all your assistance. We love our new house and it is nice to see that weekly payment now going off our mortgage and not someone else’s. We will most defiantly recommend you to anyone who asks

Brenda Du Preez – Gladstone , QUEENSLAND 


First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for your professional approach and explaining the process in detail to make it simple for us to understand.

Secondly, I would like to thank your professional team who has been in contact with us every single week to see how we were going which was greatly appreciated. I have and will continue to recommend this campaign to others.

Finally, cannot wait to move into our new home. Thank you!

Alfred & Tanya Bade – Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND   22/11/16


My experience working with No Deposit First Homes has been extremely positive and fulfilling. Staff have always been there to answer my questions. Follow up throughout the process has been great.

It’s pleasing to work with an Organisation who really cares, and makes a difference to people’s lives in the most profound and positive way.

Ruth – Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND    27/1/17


No Deposit First Homes has been a huge help and success to us, we were at the  point where we thought we would never own our own home in our life time, we were renting and trying to save a deposit but it was just so hard to be able to do both, we then came across a meeting through the Independent Builders Network and zero deposit first homes  and thought why not and see what it’s all about, we were both a little sceptical about it all to start with and thought there must be a catch but to our surprise it was easy!

Now we are on our way to finishing our first home, which still doesn’t seem real. More people need to know and learn about zero deposit first homes!

Nathan Cullen – Newnhah, QUEENSLAND   27/1/17


Thank you very much. This step is a successful movement for all of us for a better society where everyone has the right to dream, and the chance to make it real! You have helped out dreams come true, thank you! 

Rima. – Yarrabilba, QUEENSLAND   31/10/16


Such an awesome service you guys provide. Excellent service, easy to deal with, without you guys it would have been so much harder to make our dream become a reality. Thanks for making our dream come true. 

Mr & Mrs Costin – Rockhampton, QUEENSLAND   7/11 16


Thank you for helping us achieve our dream and making it a stress free process. The help and support from we received from your staff has been wonderful. We look forward to continuing our journey in our brand new home. Thanks again.

Brian & Kelly Currie – Merbin, VICTORIA   8/12/16


Thanks for getting in contact and thanks for all the help so far, we really appreciate it.

No Deposit First Homes really have helped us take the first steps to get out of the rental whirlpool. These days it’s so hard to get a hand up when it comes to getting the money together to buy/build your first place. These guys really live up to their promise. I won’t lie we had our doubts at first but the results speak for themselves. We love our house and can’t wait for it to be finished. Thanks for the support so far!

John – Bunderburg, QUEENSLAND  23/01/17


We cannot thank you Karen enough with your great work, giving advice, thorough updates and quick follow ups after every discussions we had per the numerous queries on our part during the process of owning our new homes.

At first we were very sceptical if we were ever going to own our new home but a call from Craig  was probably the best call that we received as it certainly changed the course of events for the better. The whole process may be a little daunting but you Karen had shown us that owning our own can be achieved and it is possible. –

George NC – Coomera, QUEENSLAND


Before hearing about the No Deposit First Homes campaign my fiancé and I thought we would be years away from owning our own home. The rental cycle makes it near impossible to live and save for a deposit at the same time.

Going through the No Deposit Homes campaign has given us the opportunity to own a home to build our family in. Without this campaign it wouldn’t be happening for us in the forseeable future. 

The team has been great with constant support and advice throughout the entire process, making it as simple as possible to smoothly gain a homeloan. I highly recommend No Deposit Homes to anyone thinking or trying to get into the market for their first home.

Jai Bennett – Beaudesert, QUEENSLAND